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Build a home and provide a home to a family in need through Drexel's visionary PAULS program.

Homes built with purpose

Having a safe, secure place to call home is vital to human happiness. In parts of the world where poverty, natural disasters, and scarce resources pose problems, quality housing isn’t a given. Over 75% of the population of Haiti lives in poverty, with large families crushing into 1- or 2-room dwellings made of corrugated metal, thatch, and earth. Access to quality homes and employment in home construction gives these families a chance to build a better life. That’s where you come in.

By building with Drexel, you have the opportunity to provide a home for a family in need with our unique build-one-give-one PAULS program. We’re partnering with nonprofit Overture International to donate a home in Haiti each time a homeowner builds a qualifying home using Drexel’s design, supply, and offsite construction services. Join us in our mission to “supply. happiness.” by building a PAULS home.

how the PAULS program works

Build a home. Provide a home.

Architect man holding pencil working with laptop and blueprints for architectural plan, engineer sketching a construction project concept


Review our PAULS qualification guidelines and submit your home plans for approval.

Drexel panelized building in process


Build your home using design, supply, and offsite construction services from Drexel.

A new, finished home in Haiti


Once your new home is approved, Drexel will sponsor a home for a family in need and provide you with details about the family you helped.

Empowering families and communities, one home at a time

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