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Build a home with Drexel and provide a home to a family in need in three easy steps.
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1. apply

Review our qualification guidelines and submit an application to be a PAULS builder or homeowner!

A home is a PAULS home if it meets all of these criteria:

  • Single-family residential new construction
  • Floor plan created by our design services
  • Framing lumber package using offsite construction (panelization), with Drexel supplying labor
    • Stairs
    • Floors
    • Windows & doors in walls
    • Roof
  • All Drexel building components
    • Siding and shingles
    • Millwork and doors
    • Cabinetry and tops
    • Flooring (in markets where we sell it)

If you have a home building project in mind that meets these criteria, contact us using the form below. We’ll discuss your project details to ensure that your home meets the PAULS guidelines.

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2. build

After your home has been approved as a PAULS home, start building!   

Per the PAULS program, we’ll be involved in many steps of your build process, from design to construction to supplies. We would also love to hear from you during this time with life updates and photos for our website. After all, building a new home is something special, and knowing that you’re helping others at the same time makes it even more rewarding.

Once your project has been approved and matched with a family in need, you will receive details about the chosen family that you are providing shelter for.

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3. give

For each PAULS home that we build, Drexel will donate the cost of building a home in Haiti to our nonprofit partner, Overture International.

Since 2016, Overture has managed over $2 million in new construction projects in Haiti, providing relief to thousands of families and children. The homes are designed for disaster preparedness and resiliency, including features like concrete supports and rebar reinforcement. For many families, this might be the first permanent home they own.

But the giving goes beyond the home itself. Overture employs local crew members for the construction process. This provides these workers with valuable trade skills that can be leveraged for future employment or even starting a business. To complement their housing initiatives, Overture also provides recipient families with empowerment programs related to nutrition, education, economic coaching, and leadership. All of this is made possible through your new home and the PAULS program.

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